MEX Assistant for BitMEX

Place up to 50 scaled orders. Reduce losses. Increase Profits.

Watch Live Trading

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How to install the MEX Assistant extension

A quick 3 min. tutorial

Trade Zones

Create Scaled Orders

Pick the coin you want to trade. Enter the amount of contracts you want to buy/sell. Define the lower and upper boundaries of your zone and preview your orders before placing them.

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Native BitMEX Trading

Retain Full Control

Your orders are directly placed into the BitMEX order book. You can cancel or modify them at any moment, just like you would with orders that you had placed manually, one by one.

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Security First

Your Data Is Safe

The only reason you have to create an account is so that we can contact you in case your subscription expires or there's a problem with your credit card. We use a secure payment processor called gumroad which has securely processed hundreds of millions of dollars without a hitch.

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How It Works

Get started in three easy steps

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1. Add Extension

Get the MEX Assistant Extension from the Chrome Web Store.

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2. Get A Subscription

Follow the instructions to pick your subscription.

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3. Start The Extension

Open the extension by clicking on the top right corner on the "A"-icon

Don't be a pleb. Be profitable.

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Customer Reviews

What our users say

  • " Absolutely fantastic. Its a must have for any serious trader on BitMEX!! "

    Mr. Hucth
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  • " Works as described. Finally someone built scaled orders for BitMEX too."

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  • " Great work so far and I look forward to more functionality. "

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Frequently Asked Questions

More questions? Email us at [email protected]

The MEX Assistant lets you place up to 50 orders with a single click. You can spread your buys/sells over a range, giving you the ability to scale in and out of positions. This reduces the amount of times you get stopped out and it increases the profits you're able to take. This is a PRO trader tool that BitMEX doesn't want you to have because they make money when you lose a trade.

1. After downloading the extension and choosing a subscription (monthly or yearly) you can start using the extension.
2. Click on the extension button in your browser. It's the small MEX Assistant logo in the top right corner of your browser, next to the address bar, that looks like an "A" (for "Assistant").
3. The extension automatically detects whether you're using the BitMEX testnet or mainnet.
4. Input the price range in which you want to buy or sell. To change whether you want to long or short just click on BUY/SELL to toggle.
5. Input the amount of contracts you want to buy/sell.
6. Input the amount of orders you want the Assistant to place for you. Any number between 2 and 50.
7. Under “Preview” you'll see the exact price of each order that the assistant will place. Double check them!
8. Click “SUBMIT” to place all the order, exactly as previewed, with a single click.
You spend money aka bitcoin on BitMEX. You spend time analyzing charts, reading Crypto Twitter, coming up with trade ideas and then finally you spend time inputting those trades into BitMEX.
What's the problem? Well, you have to input EVERY SINGLE ORDER one by one! That's crazy! That's ok if you only ever have ONE entry point and ONE exit point. However, if you look at how profitable traders trade, they trade ZONES: They scale into a position and then scale out of that position (take profit). That always happens in ZONES. In order to trade zones, you need to enter multiple orders. But who has time to enter 10, 20 or 50 orders over an entire zone? And then another 10, 20 or 50 orders in the take profit zone? That's up to 100 orders just to do one trade. Just think how long it takes to enter 100 orders, one by one...
The MEX Assistant lets you enter up to 50 orders with one click. Placing orders over a RANGE becomes a matter of a few seconds. You'll save hundreds of hours per year that you could spend analyzing more charts or simply living your life, instead of wasting it with tedious data entry.
Stop trading like a pleb, start trading like PRO.
Absolutely. Since this is a Chrome extension, it only works locally on your computer. We actually don't even know what buttons you're clicking or what coins you're trading. It's all happening on your browser and we don't know anything. Actually, we don't want to know. The only data we need is your email so we can contact you if your credit card expired or something like that.
Short answer: In order for the extension to be able to work properly, it needs to be able to do certain things in your browser, like open a popup
Long answer: We know how sensitive the subject of permissions is, especially when it comes to crypto applications/extensions. We have received emails from concerned users and 100% understand their concern. One of the reasons we are not building a web application, but a browser extension instead, is that an extension lives 100% in your browser inside YOUR computer. As opposed to a web application which would require us to have servers and store your data on our servers. As soon as you have servers, there's the risk of stealing/losing user data. That's why there are no MEX Assistant servers. There's only the extension on your computer and payment info on
With that out of the way, let's talk permissions. Our extension asks for 2 permissions: "Read your browsing history" and "Read and change your data on all sites, all sites and localhost".
Unfortunately, the wording of these permissions is just plain terrible. Case in point: "Read your browsing history". Some permissions are worded so terribly, that they don't really describe what they do and why the user needs to accept them. Google (more specifically: The team inside Google building and maintaining the Chrome browser) itself admits to their unfortunate wording. Quote from the official Chrome documentation (
Permission warnings exist to describe the capabilities granted by an API to extension users, but some of these warnings may not be obvious at first. For instance, adding the "tabs" permission results in a seemingly unrelated warning: the extension can Read your browsing activity. Although the chrome.tabs API might be used to only open new tabs, it can also be used to see the URL that is associated with every newly opened tab by using their tabs.Tab objects.
Our extension needs the "tabs" permission in order to be able to create the window with the MEX Assistant UI. In order for your browser to be able to open that popup window, when you click the MEX Assistant icon in the top right corner of your browser, it needs the permission "tabs" granted by you, the user. Due to the very unfortunate wording, that permission "tabs" is shown to you as "Read your browsing history". Like Google says "seemingly unrelated warning". In a better world, Google would call this permission just "Allow windows and tabs to be opened" because that's what's actually happening. But they call it "Read your browsing history". If the extension doesn't have that permission, then it cannot open a new window and thus, cannot display the UI for you to use. There's just no way for us to build the MEX Assistant, in this secure form, without opening up a new window (and therefore asking for the "tabs" permission).
Secondly, the permission "Read and change your data on all sites, all sites and localhost". This permission is simple: In order for the extension to be able to place your scaled orders, it needs to be able to access and our own page The permissions are designed as narrowly as possible while still being able to deliver value to our users.
Short answer: Yes we (have to) round prices/contracts. We round down. You'll never spend more than what you defined in the Assistant, only less!
Long answer: Representing a rational number with an irrational number always comes at the cost of rounding errors. This is not a bug, but a fundamental arithmetic and memory constraint due to the fact that real numbers (which have infinitely many digits) cannot precisely be represented with finitely many digits (and memory) in decimal form.
Example: Say you want to buy 10,000 contracts of XBTUSD. Your buy zone is $1,000 - $1,100 (God I wish I could buy Bitcoin that cheaply!!). You want to place 30 orders. Since BitMEX only allows to buy with a precision of 5 cents (e.g.$1000.05), the Assistant needs to round the amount of contracts down. Concretely, this means that the Assistant will place 30 orders, each order with a value of 333 contracts, which means that only 9,990 contracts will be bought instead of the 10,000 contracts that you wanted to buy.
The rounding errors are small. Always click “Preview” in the Assistant interface to see if/how the rounding of your orders are calculated, before submitting them to BitMEX.
Accounts with too many open orders with a gross value less than 0.01 XBT each will be labeled as a Spam Account. Unfortunately, BitMEX does not define how many is “too many”. Learn more about being labeled Spam Account.
We don't impose any limits. BitMEX, however, does impose the following limits in addition to the just mentioned:
- ~60 placements/cancelations per 1 minutes
- Maximum 200 open orders per contract per account
- Maximum 10 stop orders per contract per account
We strongly recommend staying within these limits.
You most likely exceeded the limits imposed by BitMEX. You can only place 60 orders per 1 minute! This is a limit imposed by BitMEX and not by the MEX Assistant extension. NOTE: Clicking on the PREVIEW button also uses up that limit. However, this limit counter refills continuously. This means that you just need to wait at last one minute to try to place your orders again. Just like trading, this requires a bit of patience :D
Updates are shipped automatically, in the background. You don't need to worry about a thing as long as you purchased the MEX Assistant Chrome extension through the only official channel: The Chrome Web Store. Please refrain from installing our Extension from elsewhere. You'll not get crucial updates and there that Extension might be filled with malware/viruses that will try to steal your credentials and crypto.